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Yarn Dyeing Process Paca La Alpaca

Paca La Alpaca yarns are hand dyed by me using high quality yarns and professional acid dyes. I take care off the whole process, I try to give you the highest quality I can! You can find more about my yarn bases here.

Keep in mind that these yarns are totally handcrafted. Although for each colorway dyes and process are the same, every skein is unique. Sometimes they have more speckles or less, sometimes color sections are more wide or less… Therefore your skein will not be the one of the picture, but it will be just as beautiful or more!

Sometimes, the yarn from my suppliers come on big hanks or cones. In this cases, the first step is to turn them into smaller skeins, habitually 100gr. All by hand. In other cases, I receive the skeins ready to dye and I check them to try to make sure that there are no knots or imperfections.

Once the skeins are ready, dyeing process begins. I dye the yarn in small lotes, and as a result of the hand-dyeing process, each skein is unique.

After a hot water bath, I add vinegar or citric acid to the yarn, and starts the best part, give it color!

Depending on color and result I want to achieve, I leave the yarn in the dye pot for one or more hours, and then, let it cool inside the water. The dye amount is calculated to be exhausted on each dye pot, so the fiber absorbs it completely and the water is clear to be used again on a new dye bath.

Once the dyed skeins are cooled, I wash them, very carefully, two times, using neutral soap to remove any dye residue.

Once washed, let them air dry, outside.  After this, I redo the skeins to distribute the color. I label them and they are ready!

I always recommend hand wash this yarns, dry in flat and do not twist, press with both hands to drain excess water.

Although I wash the wool well once dyed, it is possible that, depending on the color, it bleeds during the first wash. Keep this in mind when mixing yarn of different colors (such as red and white).

This Yarn is dyed in a smoke-free and cat friendly environment. Skeins are stored in closed plastic containers.

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